STATEMENT: Legal Council Denounces Proposed Noncitizen Rule

On April 17, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) proposed a new rule that would restrict immigrants from accessing federal housing assistance. This proposed rule is designed to increase the fear and confusion that immigrant communities endure and pointlessly jeopardizes the housing stability of tens of thousands of families that legally live in…

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Illinois Alliance for Welcoming Health Care

Over the last two years, immigrants have faced threats of deportation and family separation, forcing parents to choose between accessing life-saving care and services for their families and keeping their families together. These policy’s have caused significant damage to community well-being. The  increase of fear has led to the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee…

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STATEMENT: Protecting Immigrant Families – Illinois applauds Cook County Board’s Resolution

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     Contact: Manuel Gonzales, Communications Manager, Latino Policy Forum 303-880-5954, Protecting Immigrant Families – Illinois applauds Cook County Board’s Resolution Coalition of Advocates Calls on All Elected Officials in Illinois to Fight this Cruel Attack on Immigrant Families Protecting Immigrant Families – Illinois is a diverse coalition of advocates from leading…

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Protecting Immigrant Families – Public Charge Developments

This post was updated on October 5, 2018. See below for updates. On Sept. 28, Protecting Immigrant Families Illinois–a statewide coalition of which Legal Council is a leading agency–held a press conference addressing the Department of Homeland Security’s draft rule to expand the specifications used in determining if immigrants and visa applicants are likely to…

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BREAKING: Legal Council Statement on Proposed Public Charge Rule

This weekend, the Department of Homeland Security published an unofficial “public charge” proposed rule. As of now, the official proposed rule has not yet been filed in the Federal Register and the 60-day comment period has yet to begin. This proposal would penalize immigrant families who seek assistance in meeting their basic nutrition, health care, and housing…

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Defend & Protect Illinois Immigrant Families

The federal government is planning to force immigrant families to choose between receiving the critical benefits they need to live (healthcare, food, shelter) and any hope of obtaining long-term legal status. The planned change would make use of benefits, even by children, a virtual bar to their parents adjustment of immigration status and is a…

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Another Crack in the Great Wall

The list of countries banning HIV-positive visitors continues to shrink. On April 19, the China State Council (analogous to the White House Cabinet) announced that it had approved the repeal of China’s 21-year-old HIV travel ban. Five days later Premier Wen Jiabao signed a decree making the policy change official — just in time for…

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ALCC in the News

The venerable Chicago Tribune ran a feature today about the looming repeal of the HIV travel ban — and quoted our paralegal Kate Miller. Check out the article here. And if you want to be truly flabbergasted, read through the comments people left after reading the article. Perhaps it’s not terribly surprising, in light of…

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It’s Official … But Wait a Couple Months

It all started in October of 2008, when President Bush signed legislation that changed the Immigration and Nationality Act, removing HIV from the list of conditions that make people inadmissible to the United States. Since that time, we’ve all been waiting for the CDC to change the underlying federal regulations to reflect the change in…

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One Step Closer to End of HIV Immigration Ban

Yippy skippy! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has finally approved the federal regulation that will make people with HIV admissible to the United States. As you probably know, for about the last 20 years people with HIV have been barred from immigrating to the United States — or even visiting as tourists…

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