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Making the Case for Use of Federal WIC Funds to Conduct Blood Lead Testing

Childhood lead exposure remains a persistent environmental health threat, particularly for low-income minority children. Research has shown that children in families receiving public assistance such as the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) are more likely to have elevated blood lead levels than children not enrolled in a public assistance program, and that targeted testing of WIC participants could help identify additional children with elevated blood lead levels.

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Patient Advocates vs. Trump Administration

Patient advocates and other healthcare groups filed a lawsuit in federal court on Sept. 14 to block the Trump administration from “expanding the availability of short-term health plans that don’t offer a full set of benefits,” according to a piece in the LA Times. The administration has been trying to diminish patient security brought by the Affordable Care…

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Short-term plans lead to long-term risks

Short term limited duration (S.T.L.D) plans might be cheaper than traditional policies but come with the price of limited benefits. This is bad news for people who are diagnosed with certain illnesses and can be either charged more out-of-pocket or denied coverage altogether. The Trump Administration is expected to produce plans that will expand these policies,…

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Defend & Protect Illinois Immigrant Families

The federal government is planning to force immigrant families to choose between receiving the critical benefits they need to live (healthcare, food, shelter) and any hope of obtaining long-term legal status. The planned change would make use of benefits, even by children, a virtual bar to their parents adjustment of immigration status and is a…

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Guest Blog: Taking Pride in Who You Are

“I always knew I wanted to work in public interest law, but I came to Legal Council because I wanted a place where I could be myself. I wanted a place where I could interact with clients who were like me. Growing up in South Georgia, I didn’t always have that.” – Myron Grant, Legal Council Staff Attorney.

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ACA Under Attack

Illinois’ Attorney General Lisa Madigan has join a coalition of 16 Attorneys General that are opposing a lawsuit filed by Texas and several other states.

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Thousands Illegally Denied Health Coverage in Illinois

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 16, 2018 Contacts: Michelle Nicolet (P) 312.368.2675 Jill Wohl (P) 312-605-1980 Thousands Illegally Denied Health Coverage in Illinois State of Illinois Sued for Massive Medicaid Delay Chicago, IL—Attorneys on behalf of thousands of low-income people filed a motion in court on Tuesday to enforce federal law and the State…

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CTU, legal advocates, special ed parents will respond to ISBE decision Wednesday on outside monitor for CPS

FOR IMMEDIATE RELASE May 15, 2018 CTU, legal advocates, special ed parents will respond to ISBE decision Wednesday on outside monitor for CPS State board ruling could impose record oversight, penalties on district for denying services to students in violation of federal law CHICAGO–Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) Vice President Jesse Sharkey will join legal advocates,…

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New survey shows CPS special ed problems continue despite ISBE probe

FOR IMEDIATE RELEASE May 9, 2018 For more information, contact: Matt Cohen, 312-961-4179,; Amy Zimmerman, (312) 605-1963, New survey shows CPS special ed problems continue despite ISBE probe Parents, teachers say CPS hasn’t fixed problems, independent monitoring team needed to oversee program and protect students New survey shows CPS special ed problems continue…

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Stop Junk Insurance in Illinois

Quality and affordable health insurance should be available to every Illinoisan and every American citizen, full stop. Unfortunately, this notion is being challenged by pending federal regulations that could result in a large expansion of the number of short term plans offered to hardworking Illinoisans. Short term plans differ from other health insurance plans; their long lists of what is not covered leaves many consumers with expensive medical bills. Plans sold in Illinois can exclude coverage for preexisting conditions, prescription drugs, hospital room and board on a weekend, and treatment for mental and health or substance abuse disorders.

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