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Breaking Barriers: Ensuring Medicaid Coverage of Gender-Affirming Surgery

By Rebecca Cabezas | June 14, 2023

** The featured image was created by Ms. Z Williams for Transgender Day of Remembrance ** Every journey of gender transition is a unique and valid expression of one’s authentic…

Learning Beyond the Classroom: The Importance of HHIP for Children with Disabilities

By Rebecca Cabezas | April 26, 2023

When many students returned to in-person learning in August 2021, our client, Michael, a second-grader, had to stay home. He wanted to be in school with his friends, but his…

Client Focus: Samuel

By Grace Moran | May 19, 2021

People with HIV still face stigma and potentially seismic fallout if their status is disclosed without their permission.   

Client Focus: Bryan

By Grace Moran | May 3, 2021

After working with a Legal Council advocate, Bryan was able to access the care and support he needed for a healthy and dignified life.

Client Focus: Marquis

By Grace Moran | December 15, 2020

Read the story of Marquis, a 6th grader who couldn’t find the support he needed to learn and grow.

Health Justice in a Crisis: Ted and SSDI

By Legal Council | April 4, 2020

Ted spent almost a year trying to get Social Security Disability benefits. When finally he was approved, COVID-19 stopped the world.

Client Focus: Tami

By Jessica Richardson | February 19, 2020

Tami’s health kept her from working a steady job. With new resources, she and her son can now reach their full potential.

Building Better and Healthier Communities: Chancelor’s Story

By Emily Decker | January 27, 2020

This story was originally published in Legal Council’s 2019 Annual Report. In 1991, Chancelor Cunningham woke up and couldn’t breathe. Initially, a doctor misdiagnosed him with bronchitis. Later, when things weren’t…

Homeless encampments in Chicago

Finding Hope and Stability in Chicago

By Emily Decker | January 15, 2020

This story was originally published in Legal Council’s 2019 Annual Report. Near the Dan Ryan Expressway, Chicagoans who are homeless have built a community of understanding and of survival. In…