Our Medical-Legal Partnerships (MLPs) are innovative models of civil legal aid that work hand-in-hand with hospitals, health systems, and community providers to focus support to clinicians and free legal assistance to patients at our main office and clinical sites. We also offer targeted training and technical assistance to community partners. 

MLPs can resolve a multitude of issues that help hospitals, health systems, and human services add revenue, avoid cost, and reap economic benefits. For example, legal advocates can:

  • Identify adjustment opportunities for undocumented patients to enable them to become eligible for Medicaid benefits for the first time, either in the short or medium term.
  • Obtain reimbursement for a Medicaid service, drug, or durable medical equipment after denial, saving clinical time often devoted to pursuing coverage for patients.
  • Increase healthcare provider and staff satisfaction based on accessibility of a meaningful outlet for patients to address non-clinical issues that they raise during appointments, allowing clinicians to focus encounter time primarily on clinical.
  • Expand the capacity of benefits enrollment/social work/billing staff to address complex Medicaid applications, denials, redeterminations, and terminations.
  • Increase patient economic stability measured by increased and/or maintained public benefits, supporting improved patient engagement in treatment.
  • Advocate for policy and practice changes that benefit patients and the health system.
  • Advocate to reduce specific health-harming influences in target neighborhoods.
  • Create larger scale economic impact on individuals and communities by ensuring financial stability to clients for the first time in their lives.

Want to explore how legal advocates can help your practice? Contact our director of policy and strategic innovation, Carrie Chapman.

Children & Families

Legal aid to children, youth, and their families challenged by illness and disability. By appointment/direct referral of the healthcare partner only.

Chronic Illness


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