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Short-term plans lead to long-term risks

August 16, 2018

Short term limited duration (STLD) plans might be cheaper than traditional policies but come with the price of limited benefits. This is bad news for people who are diagnosed with certain illnesses and can be either charged more out-of-pocket or denied coverage altogether. The Trump Administration is expected to produce plans that will expand these policies,…

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Client Focus: Roger

August 9, 2018

Roger Thompson is a 56-year-old man with an intellectual disability, a personality disorder, and a speech impediment. When he first reached out to Legal Council, Roger was homeless and barely coherent. But after receiving assistance from Legal Council, Roger now has a bright and optimistic future ahead of him.

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Stock Asthma Legislation Aims to Protect Students with Asthma

IL Governor Signs Stock Asthma Rescue Medication

August 8, 2018

With help from Legal Council’s children and family advocates, the ‘Stock Asthma Rescue Medication’ bill (SB 3015) has been signed by Gov. Rauner and is now Public Act 100-0726. This victory will promote access to proper asthmatic care to children in need, allowing schools to voluntarily stock asthma rescue medication and for trained staff to administer it…

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Unnecessary barriers to accessing HIV medication are prominent.

Paying the price of HIV

August 7, 2018

Chicago resident Jared Wile can no longer afford his $1,600/month HIV prevention medication. Up until a few months ago, Jared never had to pay any out-of-pocket costs. Instead, he used a copay coupon to cover the costs of the medicine PrEP, an HIV prevention medication that, when taken daily, is proven to be 90% effective in preventing HIV. But in May, Jared learned that he could no longer use the copay coupon for the medication.

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New Approaches to Childhood Lead-Poisoning

July 18, 2018

Legal Council for Health Justice, in partnership with Erikson Institute and the Early Intervention Training Program, held the first of two trainings for Early Intervention service coordinators and providers as part of the launch of our innovative pilot project “New Approaches to Childhood Lead-Poisoning: Expanding Access to Early Intervention Services.”

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Defend & Protect Illinois Immigrant Families

July 17, 2018

The federal government is planning to force immigrant families to choose between receiving the critical benefits they need to live (healthcare, food, shelter) and any hope of obtaining long-term legal status. The planned change would make use of benefits, even by children, a virtual bar to their parents adjustment of immigration status and is a…

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Client story: Celeste

July 17, 2018

When Celeste’s health coverage was unrightfully denied due to her HIV status, she sought legal help from Legal Council.

Celeste is a proud transgender woman who was eager to complete her transition surgery, but because of her coverage limitations and the costs of the procedure, she knew she would need additional coverage alongside the insurance plan she already had. Knowing this, Celeste applied for short-term disability coverage to supplement her current coverage. Though this plan was expensive and required Celeste pay 100% out-of-pocket, the short-term coverage she selected would help cover her surgery and recovery.

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Health Risks and Exposure To Violence

July 10, 2018

According to data “black Chicagoans…see higher rates of hypertension, obesity and death from heart disease than their white and Latino peers, which mirrors national trends.”

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Immigrant child health and border separations

July 6, 2018

Law professor Yael Cannon, director of the Medical-Legal Partnership at Georgetown Law’s Health Justice Alliance Law Clinic in DC, reflects on how child health is being negatively impacted by border separations in a current National Law Review article, “Return Immigrant Kids to Their Parents: Their Health Depends on It.” “As the debate continues, it is…

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