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Ensuring Education for All: The McKinney-Vento Act & Recent Migrant Children in Chicago

September 26, 2023

As another busy school year gets underway in Chicago, an underlying challenge puts the city schools’ commitment to inclusivity and equal access to education to the test. In the past…

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Empowering America: The Transformative Impact of Government Assistance on Poverty

September 19, 2023

In the complex and often challenging battle against poverty, government assistance programs are a clear beacon of hope. These programs play a pivotal role in alleviating the burdens of poverty…

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Transportation Troubles: The Challenges & Impact on Students with Disabilities in CPS

August 31, 2023

The beginning of a new school year is typically filled with excitement, anticipation, and the promise of new learning experiences. However, for many families of students with disabilities in Chicago…

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Medicaid Unwinding Update

August 30, 2023

Earlier this summer, Legal Council reported on Medicaid Unwinding, a process in which the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS) is reverting back to its pre-pandemic annual Medicaid redetermination process.…

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Legal Council’s Annual Summer Soirée Awardees 2023

August 4, 2023

At Legal Council’s Annual Summer Soirée we have the honor to recognize individuals and organizations who contribute to our clients’ access to quality, affordable, and equitable healthcare. These awards highlight…

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Legal Council Voices Support for Proposed Section 1115 Demonstration

July 31, 2023

Illinois faces a critical dearth of behavioral and mental health services and supports available to Medicaid beneficiaries. Individuals facing homelessness disproportionately bear the burden of these deficits. According to a…

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Empowering Change: Legal Council’s Dynamic Partnership with the CPL Cares Program Addresses Homelessness & Health Inequalities

July 27, 2023

Health and homelessness are directly linked: individuals without stable housing are at higher risk of physical and mental health issues. Legal Council embraces community partnerships that break down traditional silos…

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Celebrating 33 Years of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Advancements, Impact, and the Future of Disability Advocacy

July 26, 2023

Thirty-three years ago today, the enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) marked a pivotal moment in civil rights history by cementing a profound transformation within the field of…

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Chicago’s Humanitarian Housing Crisis

July 19, 2023

People are on the streets right now in numbers that it is impossible to ignore. Chicago, like many other cities in the United States, not only faces significant and long-standing…

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