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Reaching the Summit

Legal Council for Health Justice participated in the 12th Annual National Medical-Legal Partnership Summit this past April in Washington, DC. This year’s summit theme—Integrating Health and Legal Services to Transform Care Delivery—attracted a fantastic turnout of dedicated MLP (Medical-Legal Partnership) health care providers, MPH researchers, social work, hospital and health care system administrators and lawyers

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Training to Sustain

At Chicago Medical-Legal Partnership for Children (CMLPC) meetings, legal advocates ask questions about cases, share perspectives, and tell success stories. Last week, Sarah Hess, a staff attorney in the UIC Coordination of Healthcare for Complex Kids (CHECK) program, shared a particularly meaningful success.

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CHECK it out!

University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC) recently informed us that the Legal Council was chosen to establish a program at UIC to provide legal services to children who are cared for through the Coordination of Healthcare for Complex Kids (CHECK) program. This will allow the Council to grow our children’s program and hire additional legal staff to handle the significant demand. We will be able to bring on an additional attorney and two paralegals for the CHECK program.

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No place like home

Yesterday, federal district court Judge Charles P. Kocoras issued a court order requiring HFS [Illinois’ Medicaid agency] to “take immediate and affirmative steps to provide the very in-home shift nursing services that HFS approved.”

More than 1200 children have been approved for in-home nursing services based on their high level of medical need. Many of these children are dependent on complex medical regimens for routine bodily functions, such as eating, drinking, breathing, and oxygen regulation. Yet, the State failed to arrange for in-home nursing, resulting in unnecessary and costly institutionalization, heightened risk of medical complications, and diminished quality of life.

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One giant step for early intervention

Our child health advocacy director Amy Zimmerman finds hope for Early Intervention in a notice from Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger in this information-rich TV news segment by WGN’s Cortney Hall.

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Student health and safety for all

This week Gov. Bruce Rauner signed HB 1360 into law (now Public Act 099-0325), signaling a commitment to improving health, wellness, and safety standards throughout the Illinois charter school system. The newly amended law guarantees all charters must comply with student health and safety laws applicable to publicly-funded schools across the state.

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Another day, another testimony

Children’s health policy director Amy Zimmerman and summer law intern Molly McDonald testified today at a Joint House Appropriations meeting to shape legislation that would appropriate federal funds that flow through the State’s budget (SB 2042 SA1).

The amended bill is intended to help agencies, programs, and services supported in part with federal funds, such as maternal and child health grants, community mental health grants, and grants for Older Americans Act programs.

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Disability "speak out"

On Wednesday, July 15th, advocates, providers, and allies of the disability community convene to stage a Disability Budget Crisis “Speak Out” at the Thompson Center. Amy Zimmerman, director of the Chicago Medical-Legal Partnership for Children will testify to how the deadlock in Springfield is hurting infants and toddlers with developmental delays who have a legal right to early intervention…

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Lead poisoning and early intervention

After reading the May 1 Chicago Tribune article, “Lead paint poisons poor Chicago kids as city spends millions less on cleanup,” our Chicago Medical-Legal Partnership for Children director Amy Zimmerman and Loyola University Chicago ChildLaw Policy Institute director Anita Weinberg sent the following letter to the editor:  Thanks to the Chicago Tribune for shining a light…

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