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IL Governor Signs Stock Asthma Rescue Medication

With help from Legal Council’s children and family advocates, the ‘Stock Asthma Rescue Medication’ bill (SB 3015) has been signed by Gov. Rauner and is now Public Act 100-0726. This victory will promote access to proper asthmatic care to children in need, allowing schools to voluntarily stock asthma rescue medication and for trained staff to administer it…

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ACA Under Attack

Illinois’ Attorney General Lisa Madigan has join a coalition of 16 Attorneys General that are opposing a lawsuit filed by Texas and several other states.

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Policy Update: Legal Council Advocacy Victories

May was a busy month for the legal experts here at Legal Council for Health Justice. When we weren’t serving and empowering low-income people with chronic illnesses or disabilities at over a dozen on-site clinics across the city, or suing the State of Illinois on behalf of thousands of Illinoisans wrongfully delayed or denied Medicaid coverage, OR leading advocacy efforts in the State Board of Education investigation into CPS’ special education program and procedural violations, our team was hard at work advocating for numerous policies across the State.

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Attorneys enforce Medicaid class action

Attorneys from Legal Council for Health Justice, the Shriver Center, and Sidley Austin LLP filed in court today on behalf of thousands of low-income people to enforce federal law and the State of Illinois’ agreement to process Medicaid applications in a timely fashion. The attorneys charge that the State is violating both federal law and an Illinois…

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Do No Harm to Illinois Health

As both Congress and the President continue to threaten the well-being of Illinoisans through cutting benefits, rolling back consumer protections, and restricting access to coverage, we must ensure protections at the state level to guarantee any attempt to restrict access to healthcare is open to public debate, oversight, and scrutiny.

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It’s Time for Illinois to Smarten Up

Here’s a remarkably stupid bit of Illinois law that has annoyed and incensed us for about 20 years: school principals across the state must be given the names of HIV-positive students in their schools.  Furthermore, principals must disclose the names of those students to school superintendents.  And principals may identify those students to school nurses,…

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Hip Hooray for Medicaid 1115 Waivers!

So dig this: as of January 1, 2013, certain people in Illinois will be able to get Medicaid without having to be “categorically eligible” (blind, disabled, pregnant, etc).  Why?  Because the feds just approved Illinois’s request for an 1115 Medicaid waiver. This fancy new Medicaid is called CountyCare, because it only covers medical services delivered…

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ObamaCare is Good for People with HIV

Yeah, yeah, we know the term “ObamaCare” is often used to denigrate the Affordable Care Act, which the President signed into law on March 23, 2010.  But since Mr. Obama himself recently said he doesn’t mind the term — since it suggests that he cares about the health insurance needs of Americans — we’re going…

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