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The changing healthcare landscape

January 20, 2017

Update on the Healthcare Landscape Under the New Administration Looking to hear more about how the Trump administration might affect healthcare and health insurance? Wondering how these issues will impact…

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Highlights from 2016

January 19, 2017

2016 resulted in a banner year in the (nearly) thirty-year history of the Council. A few highlights of our work made possible because of your support: A record number of…

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January 12, 2017

Join our Board of Ambassadors on Sunday, February 19, at 8pm for HamBingo! HamBingo is a charity event held @ Hamburger Mary’s (5400 N. Clark Street in Chicago), with February…

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On the first day of the new congress

January 5, 2017

On the first day of the new Congress, Republicans introduced a budget resolution making good on their threat to repeal the ACA with no plan for the millions of people who will lose their access to healthcare. Equally devastating, Republican leadership has proposed deep cuts to federal support for Medicaid via block grants or “per capita caps” which would shift billions in costs for health care to Illinois.

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Makes you want to scream

January 3, 2017

Republicans in Congress introduced a budget resolution that includes instructions to repeal major parts of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This is the first step in the process to repeal and delay, taking health care coverage away from 30 million, and consumer protections from millions more. Here’s what you can do.

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Training to Sustain

December 19, 2016

At Chicago Medical-Legal Partnership for Children (CMLPC) meetings, legal advocates ask questions about cases, share perspectives, and tell success stories. Last week, Sarah Hess, a staff attorney in the UIC Coordination of Healthcare for Complex Kids (CHECK) program, shared a particularly meaningful success.

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Faded image of a baby

Client Focus: Janae and William

December 14, 2016

When Janae gave birth to William, things didn’t go exactly as planned. William was born premature and needed a hernia surgery, but for some reason, Janae could not get him…

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Client Focus: Jane

November 30, 2016

Being a 12 year old girl isn’t always easy. For Jane, being 12 is more complicated than most. When she suffered from a mental health crisis in the middle of…

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We won’t go back to 1964!

November 21, 2016

In the days after the 2016 election, we have thought long and hard about likely targets with a new administration and Congress. We see a new war on the poor with the first target being access to essential healthcare.

Medicaid is the principal program that provides access to medical care to the poor in Illinois. Since 1965 as part of the War on Poverty, Medicaid has been a remarkable program, providing life-saving healthcare for low-income Americans. And, the Affordable Care Act (aka ACA or ObamaCare) expanded Medicaid to single, childless adults living at or near poverty.

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