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What’s at the intersection of health care and social needs? Medical-legal partnerships.

A single mom has to choose between paying for her diabetes medication and paying to feed her two children. A toddler is exposed to lead while playing at home and now has trouble developing his learning and language skills. A young law student drops out of school after being diagnosed with cancer in order to save money for medicine that costs $100,000 per year. Here at Legal Council for Health Justice, we know the effect social needs have on individual health.

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Press for Progress: International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, Legal Council is celebrating all of the historic gains to women’s coverage won through the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion! With these expansive health policies, women now have greater access to maternity care, improved breast cancer care, and the guarantee that insurance companies cannot charge women more for coverage. Other gains for women’s coverage include: States that expanded Medicaid (including Illinois!) saw improved newborn outcomes, with significant decreases in infant mortality. (Newsweek, Jan. 31, 2018) Uninsured rate for women of reproductive age decreased. (Women’s Health Issues Journal, Feb. 28, 2018) Uninsured rate for women with gynecologic cancer decreased. (Gynecologic Oncology, June 2017) With lower costs, more women received mammogram screenings, improving the care and prevention of breast cancer. (Brown University, Jan. 17, 2018) Despite these gains, we also know that the fight for health justice...

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Client focus: Kenneth

Coming from a chaotic and abusive household–where his mother would abuse him both physically and mentally–Kenneth had few resources.

Though he suffered from depression that dated back to his childhood, Kenneth was still able to get his Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) degree and worked as a nurse for five years at a hospital in Virginia. It was during this time that Kenneth first pulled his back while lifting a patient at work. Shortly thereafter, he lost his job. After this, Kenneth’s depression grew as he went from working as a nurse, to becoming a construction worker, to working maintenance at a fast food restaurant, to eventually becoming unemployed and homeless.

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Board of Ambassadors

Our Board of Ambassadors is a diverse group of dedicated professionals who help to increase awareness of the Council and to support its services for low-income people with HIV and other chronic, disabling and stigmatized health conditions, as well as our educational initiatives and advocacy programs. CURRENT BOARD OF AMBASSADORS Caroline Bilicki (Illinois Legal Aid Online) Lauren Carter (Wry Wit, Inc.) Allison Castillo (Cook County Public Guardian) Maggie Connell (Cook County Public Guardian) Stacey Dembo (Law Offices of Stacey J. Dembo) Angelo DiBartolomeo (Clark Hill PLC) Sue Fisher-Yellen Mary Hogue (Taproot Foundation) Kevin Keene (Trexin Consulting) Bob Kovats (McMaster-Carr Supply Company) Sarah Marmor (Scharf Banks Marmor LLP) Chris McAdam (Kirkland & Ellis LLP) Jonathan Motto (McDermott Will & Emery LLP) Craig Nadborne (Bradford Allen Realty Services) Rachel O’Kunis-Ruttenberg (Family Defense Center) Alexius O’Malley (Seyfarth Shaw LLP) Tim Pickert (Kirkland & Ellis...

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More Reasons to Hate Government Bureaucracies

After 25 years helping people with HIV battle heartless bureaucrats, we’ve spent so much time pulling our hair that we’re all nearly bald.  At least metaphorically.  And this week we’ve been ripping at our follicles anew. Our client Robert is trying to get his federal student loan discharged because he is permanently disabled.  In fact, he’s been receiving Social Security disability benefits for about a decade.  He’s got host of medical problems that severely limit his ability to function, as his doctor detailed on the official government form used to request a disability-based student loan discharge.  We’ll call the doctor’s description Exhibit A: Exhibit A Pulmonary fibrosis … severe hypoxia … 24-hour oxygen support … AIDS … insulin-dependent diabetes … severe sleep apnea.  So of course you’re thinking, “Sallie Mae must have approved his request lickety split.”  Clearly you...

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