Lead Exposure and Early Intervention

As one of the most hazardous environmental health risks for young children, lead exposure can have serious long term health problems that transfer into adulthood. For young, developing brains, lead exposure is especially damaging. Research shows lead poisoning can cause developmental delay, decreased IQ, decreased reading readiness, and higher incidence of ADHD. Lead exposed children become susceptible to negative consequences in their future, such as impaired academic performance, underemployment, and increased delinquent tendencies. Legal Council’s pilot program was designed to prevent lead-induced delay from manifesting by making lead exposed children automatically eligible for support through Early Intervention, which helps young children who are experiencing or are at risk of developmental disability/delay through services like physical and developmental therapy.

Legal Council's lead pilot team trains early interventionists and service providers on best practices for children living with lead exposure.

Legal Council's lead team held their first training for Early Intervention service coordinators in July 2018, launching our pilot project with Erikson Institute and the Early Intervention Training Program.

Featured Resource:

Illinois Healthcare Provider Quick Resource Guide: A guiding document for physicians on child developmental and behavioral health screenings.


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