ACA Under Attack

Illinois’ Attorney General Lisa Madigan has join a coalition of 16 Attorneys General that are opposing a lawsuit filed by Texas and several other states.

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Stop Junk Insurance in Illinois

Quality and affordable health insurance should be available to every Illinoisan and every American citizen, full stop. Unfortunately, this notion is being challenged by pending federal regulations that could result in a large expansion of the number of short term plans offered to hardworking Illinoisans. Short term plans differ from other health insurance plans; their long lists of what is not covered leaves many consumers with expensive medical bills. Plans sold in Illinois can exclude coverage for preexisting conditions, prescription drugs, hospital room and board on a weekend, and treatment for mental and health or substance abuse disorders.

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Press for Progress: International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, Legal Council is celebrating all of the historic gains to women’s coverage won through the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion! With these expansive health policies, women now have greater access to maternity care, improved breast cancer care, and the guarantee that insurance companies cannot charge women more for coverage. Other…

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More Reasons to Hate Government Bureaucracies

After 25 years helping people with HIV battle heartless bureaucrats, we’ve spent so much time pulling our hair that we’re all nearly bald.  At least metaphorically.  And this week we’ve been ripping at our follicles anew. Our client Robert is trying to get his federal student loan discharged because he is permanently disabled.  In fact,…

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Happy News in a Budget Crisis

Illinois is megasuperduper bankrupt.  That’s old news.  But we’re happy to report some megasuperduper good news when it comes to helping people with HIV afford their health insurance costs in the middle of a megasuperduper budget crisis.  The Illinois CHIC program, which pays certain insurance premiums for folks with HIV, has expanded its services.  We’ll say…

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ObamaCare is Good for People with HIV

Yeah, yeah, we know the term “ObamaCare” is often used to denigrate the Affordable Care Act, which the President signed into law on March 23, 2010.  But since Mr. Obama himself recently said he doesn’t mind the term — since it suggests that he cares about the health insurance needs of Americans — we’re going…

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What’s In It For You?

By now you’ve probably read a few new stories, several blog posts, many Facebook rants and a bazillion Twitter tweets about the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act.  We’re not going to add to the blogo-spew.  We’re just going to point you to a nifty little online tool that the Washington Post…

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ADAP to the Rescue!

If you have private health insurance or Medicare, there are important changes in the Illinois AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) that may help you with some of your drug costs. Additionally, ADAP may make it possible for some people to afford comprehensive health insurance coverage under the new Illinois Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (IPXP). First…

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Health Care Reform Takes Effect Today … Sort Of

So you’ve probably heard lots of news stories telling you that many of the most important aspects of the Affordable Care Act going into effect today. For example, insurers can no longer deny insurance for children with pre-exisiting conditions. And insurers can’t put life-time caps on the benefits in their plans. That’s not quite the…

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New Insurance Option in Illinois

One big piece of health insurance reform is now in place in Illinois: a new high-risk insurance pool for Illinoisans who are otherwise uninsurable. The new plan goes by the sub-euphonious moniker, Illinois Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, or IPXP. We can’t fathom why the program’s acronym isn’t IPCIP, or even IPXCP, but who are we…

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