Access to Medications

Short-term plans lead to long-term risks

Short term limited duration (STLD) plans might be cheaper than traditional policies but come with the price of limited benefits. This is bad news for people who are diagnosed with certain illnesses and can be either charged more out-of-pocket or denied coverage altogether. The Trump Administration is expected to produce plans that will expand these…

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Paying the price of HIV

Chicago resident Jared Wile can no longer afford his $1,600/month HIV prevention medication. Up until a few months ago, Jared never had to pay any out-of-pocket costs. Instead, he used a copay coupon to cover the costs of the medicine PrEP, an HIV prevention medication that, when taken daily, is proven to be 90% effective in preventing HIV. But in May, Jared learned that he could no longer use the copay coupon for the medication.

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Policy Update: Legal Council Advocacy Victories

May was a busy month for the legal experts here at Legal Council for Health Justice. When we weren’t serving and empowering low-income people with chronic illnesses or disabilities at over a dozen on-site clinics across the city, or suing the State of Illinois on behalf of thousands of Illinoisans wrongfully delayed or denied Medicaid coverage, OR leading advocacy efforts in the State Board of Education investigation into CPS’ special education program and procedural violations, our team was hard at work advocating for numerous policies across the State.

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Pharmacies: An Endangered Species

A growing trend in the low income neighborhoods of Chicago is causing a great deal of concern for public health. Compared to white neighborhoods, black and Latino communities are being labeled as pharmacy deserts. “Pharmacy deserts” are neighborhoods that are suffering from various pharmacy closures. These vulnerable communities are usually less affluent and home to minorities and senior citizens. When pharmacies close, these residents are left behind without basic needs.

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Power of attorneys

This morning the Legal Council went to court with Shriver Center to get Illinois to make Medicaid payments in light of the budget impasse. The court ruled in our favor, and the State must pay for all Medicaid services in Cook County.

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Happy News in a Budget Crisis

Illinois is megasuperduper bankrupt.  That’s old news.  But we’re happy to report some megasuperduper good news when it comes to helping people with HIV afford their health insurance costs in the middle of a megasuperduper budget crisis.  The Illinois CHIC program, which pays certain insurance premiums for folks with HIV, has expanded its services.  We’ll say…

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ObamaCare is Good for People with HIV

Yeah, yeah, we know the term “ObamaCare” is often used to denigrate the Affordable Care Act, which the President signed into law on March 23, 2010.  But since Mr. Obama himself recently said he doesn’t mind the term — since it suggests that he cares about the health insurance needs of Americans — we’re going…

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