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Celebrating the Legal Beagles

December 16, 2020

Celebrating two longtime supporters of Legal Council for their participation at AIDS Run & Walk!

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Client Focus: Marquis

December 15, 2020

Read the story of Marquis, a 6th grader who couldn’t find the support he needed to learn and grow.

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Tackling Inequities on Chicago’s South Side

December 4, 2020

Legal Council announces an expansion of legal services to Chicago’s South Side.

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Recognizing World AIDS Day in 2020

World AIDS Day: Living With HIV in 2020

December 1, 2020

Legal Council attorney Jessica Rhoades explores issues facing our clients with HIV in 2020.

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Biden-Harris Administration ends the 'public charge' anti-immigrant wealth test

Public Charge Update: Federal Government’s Anti-Immigrant Wealth Test Blocked

November 2, 2020

A federal court blocks the Department of Homeland Security from applying the public charge rule.

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Staff Spotlight: Madi Norman

October 19, 2020

Meet the newest member of the Legal Council team, Madi Norman

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The Role of Legal Aid in Advancing Health Equity

October 15, 2020

In a new article, advocates share how pairing legal care with health care can help advance health equity.

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Staff Spotlight: Rachel Roberts

October 8, 2020

Meet Legal Council’s new Children’s Mental Health Advocate, Rachel Roberts.

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Illinois Workers and Families Need Fair Tax Now

September 29, 2020

Economic equity is the basis of any just society. Illinoisans cannot reach their full potential without the financial security that allows them to meet their basic needs. Yet the state’s…

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