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Client Focus: Diana

February 8, 2019

Diana lost trust in others at a young age. When she was in 11th grade, she became pregnant and suffered from sexual abuse at home. When she went away to boarding school, she was assaulted again. Throughout her life she turned to substance use and alcohol in an attempt to ‘numb the pain’ her childhood…

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Trump Administration Pledges to End HIV Transmission

February 7, 2019

As his second State of the Union, President Trump announced a commitment to ending the transmission of HIV in the U.S. by 2030. Many are surprised by this announcement, given his administration’s track record on addressing the HIV epidemic. Last year he fired the remaining members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. The Trump…

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Client Focus: Anthony

February 6, 2019

Anthony came to Legal Council initially to seek help in applying for Medicaid. He experienced an extensive history of a substance use disorder that led him to living on the streets. After being disowned from his family, he was determined to turn his life around. He contacted Legal Council after he heard that he could…

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Legal Council Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight: Ari Rothman

February 5, 2019

Staff Spotlight is a blog series featuring a member of Legal Council’s expert and ever-growing team. Today’s Spotlight features Ari Rothman, an Avodah Fellow and Homeless Advocacy Specialist who joined Legal Council last fall. What brought you to Legal Council? This year I am participating in a year-long service program called Avodah, and through Avodah…

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What You Need to Know About Tax Season

January 28, 2019

As tax season approaches this week, we want to ensure our readers are well informed about the process. Despite uncertainty of the recent government shutdown and temporary extension, the Illinois Department of Revenue will still start accepting 2018 state individual income tax returns January 28. The Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S) will be accepting federal individual…

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New Year, New Rules: Leading the Lead Fight

January 18, 2019

This past Tuesday, a state panel approved groundbreaking policies in the fight to protect children and prevent childhood lead poisoning.

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Legal Council Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight: Stephanie Salgado

January 15, 2019

Legal Council just keeps growing! Over the last couple of months, we have welcomed over 10 new employees in our legal programs, development team, and administrative team. Legal Council has many exciting projects coming up, so we’re taking the time to highlight the projects and our new team members in our new blog series “Staff…

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little girl

Client Focus: Stacey

December 26, 2018

Stacey had already been through so much at such a young age. By the time she entered 1st grade, she had lived through domestic violence and neglect. She went from foster home to foster home, all while dealing with stress from her traumatic upbringing. But things started looking up– Stacey found a home with a…

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Federal Court Rules Against the Affordable Care Act

December 21, 2018

Last week, in the case of Texas v. United States, a rogue Judge ignored U.S. Supreme Court precedent and reasoning to find that the Affordable Care Act (A.C.A) is unconstitutional. This decision threatens healthcare access, quality of coverage, and financial protections that the A.C.A guarantees Americans.. As just one example of the importance of the A.C.A, today…

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