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Honor society

MCOs like us, they really, really like us! The Illinois Association of Medicaid Health Plans, a statewide membership organization of health plans that participate in Medicaid managed care (MCOs) in Illinois, is bestowing its 2015 Advocacy Leadership award today to three attorneys including our executive director Tom Yates in recognition of successful litigation that has to date, restored more than half a billion Medicaid-reimbursable dollars to hospitals, clinics, and providers caring for over 3.1 million adults and children statewide.

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Student success must include health and safety

At the Legal Council, we believe that any revision of school quality policies must consider student health, safety, and well-being. Read more about our position in the following letter we submitted this week to the Chicago Tribune.

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Measure twice, cut once

This month, Legal Council for Health Justice came together with seven other public interest law agencies in Illinois, to submit concerns regarding Chicago Public Schools’ Draft School Action Guidelines for the 2015-2016 school year.

These experts work on legal issues in education, representing clients families and children from communities across the city of Chicago. Together, they agreed that there are significant problems within the proposed guidelines, particularly regarding co-locations and unintended consequences for students who deserve special education services and supports.

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Joint Statement on Early Intervention

Today, Ounce of Prevention Fund and Legal Council for Health Justice released a joint statement on the release of funds to pay for statewide Early Intervention services and supports.

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Springfield standstill

The news is grim. Large and small businesses throughout Illinois which provide Medicaid-funded health services, face financial ruin as the state still fails to make Medicaid payments. 3.1 million adults and children enrolled into Medicaid will have nowhere to turn for their illnesses and disabling conditions.

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Another day, another testimony

Children’s health policy director Amy Zimmerman and summer law intern Molly McDonald testified today at a Joint House Appropriations meeting to shape legislation that would appropriate federal funds that flow through the State’s budget (SB 2042 SA1).

The amended bill is intended to help agencies, programs, and services supported in part with federal funds, such as maternal and child health grants, community mental health grants, and grants for Older Americans Act programs.

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