IL Governor Signs Stock Asthma Rescue Medication

little girl

With help from Legal Council’s children and family advocates, the ‘Stock Asthma Rescue Medication’ bill (SB 3015) has been signed by Gov. Rauner and is now Public Act 100-0726. This victory will promote access to proper asthmatic care to children in need, allowing schools to voluntarily stock asthma rescue medication and for trained staff to administer it when a student experiences respiratory distress.

Across Illinois more than 330,000 children have reported asthma; however, fewer than twenty-five percent of those children have their asthma under proper control. That means three out of four kids living with asthma are likely to experience symptoms of respiratory distress, leading to increased emergency department visits and hospitalizations. Asthma is a significant public health issue in Illinois, impacting educational outcomes, quality of life, productivity and health care costs.

In a press release, Children & Families Program Director Amy Zimmerman stated:

“Thankfully, administering Albuterol has minimal side effects; however, not treating or delaying treatment of a child experiencing respiratory distress can have dangerous health consequences. SB 3015 will give schools the ability to quickly respond to asthma emergencies and work with students and families to ensure ongoing proper asthma management at school,”

Thanks to the hard work of our children and family advocates, children with asthma or at risk of asthma will have fewer school absences, fewer hospitalizations, and lower long-term healthcare costs. And most importantly, these children can live healthier lives.