Mayor-Elect Lightfoot’s Education Transition Committee Survey Responses

The inauguration of Chicago’s new Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, gives us advocates in the disability rights community with an exciting opportunity to help set a new agenda for the city. Legal Council was invited to provide input to the Mayor elect’s education transition team on public education in Chicago, and our policy proposals are detailed below. Amy Zimmerman, our director of children and families partnerships, has been invited to participate in the transition teams panel, specifically focusing on the needs of diverse learners. Legal Council is on the ground everyday working with families, their medical team, and their schools. We develop policy initiatives that are brought to Springfield and we work with other advocacy groups to identify opportunities for collaboration. These activities provide us with a unique way to understand how early childhood education, K-12 special education, and transition to adulthood should fit together and complement each other. We look forward to working with the new administration to implement an innovative agenda!

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