Combating HIV Stigma

June 27 is National HIV Testing Day

This story was originally published in Legal Council’s 2020 Annual Report. Much has changed for people living with HIV since the beginning of the epidemic, but much also remains the same. While we know more about transmission and medical treatment, ignorance and miseducation around HIV continue to fuel stigma against the virus and those who…

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Building Better and Healthier Communities: Chancelor’s Story

This story was originally published in Legal Council’s 2019 Annual Report. In 1991, Chancelor Cunningham woke up and couldn’t breathe. Initially, a doctor misdiagnosed him with bronchitis. Later, when things weren’t improving, a new doctor changed the diagnosis to pneumonia and admitted him to a hospital in Bronzeville for an extended stay. “They told me I…

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Client Focus: Quinn

Quinn, 35, was a single mother raising two children on the south side of Chicago who was hit with an unexpected life storm. Throughout her life she was diagnosed with several mental illnesses, depression, and anxiety. But a late diagnosis of HIV caused the biggest shift of all.

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You Have One Week Left to Get Affordable Health Coverage

open enrollment ends on December 15

Guest blog author: Marina Kurakin, Legal Advocate and Health Insurance Specialist Six years ago, the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or Obamacare) broadened access to medical care for millions of Americans. Over those years, I’ve helped with more than 4,000 enrollments. I started this work before the ACA, when individuals couldn’t get approved for insurance because of…

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