Power of attorneys

This morning the Legal Council went to court with Shriver Center to get Illinois to make Medicaid payments in light of the budget impasse. The court ruled in our favor, and the State must pay for all Medicaid services in Cook County.

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Lead poisoning and early intervention

After reading the May 1 Chicago Tribune article, “Lead paint poisons poor Chicago kids as city spends millions less on cleanup,” our Chicago Medical-Legal Partnership for Children director Amy Zimmerman and Loyola University Chicago ChildLaw Policy Institute director Anita Weinberg sent the following letter to the editor:  Thanks to the Chicago Tribune for shining a light…

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More Reasons to Hate Government Bureaucracies

After 25 years helping people with HIV battle heartless bureaucrats, we’ve spent so much time pulling our hair that we’re all nearly bald.  At least metaphorically.  And this week we’ve been ripping at our follicles anew. Our client Robert is trying to get his federal student loan discharged because he is permanently disabled.  In fact,…

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Protecting Legal Rights = HIV Prevention

Last week the United States Department of Justice announced settlements in two cases involving HIV discrimination. In the first case, a podiatrist at Mercy Medical Group Midtown Clinic in Sacramento, California incorrectly told his HIV-positive patient that he could not perform a needed surgery on the man’s foot. The surgeon was afraid he’d contract HIV…

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A Movement to Reform State Laws

It seems the movement to reform state laws about HIV exposure — you know, the laws that turn people with HIV into felons if they spit on the wrong people — continues to pick up steam. Provincetown’s Edge newspaper just published an interesting story on the subject. It highlights some of the more egregious prosecutions…

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2011 Advocates of the Year Awards

OK, kids, it’s time for the season’s swankiest event, the 2011 Advocates of the Year Awards. It’ll be on Thursday, March 10 at 6:30 pm at the Joffrey Tower, 10 East Randolph Street, smack in the heart of the Loop. And we’ll make it easy for you: order tickets right here. Here are this year’s…

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Hot Off the Presses

OK, maybe it’s not The Da Vinci Code, but we like to think our stylish 2010 Annual Report still has some allure. You can read all about the work we did over the past year, including several compelling client stories. You can learn about the exhausting advocacy we did to make the Illinois ADAP program…

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Our New Hero

We’re adding a new member to the AIDS Legal Council’s Honor Roll of Really Groovy Attorneys We Love a Whole Bunch. Today we’re singing the praises of Ian Ackerman, an attorney in the corporate practice group of Kirkland & Ellis (a law firm we’ve adored for a heck of a long time). I’m sure you…

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A New National Strategy?

You’ve probably heard that the White House Office of National AIDS Policy just issued the National HIV/AIDS Strategy for the United States. Like many similar documents, it’s full of lofty language about all the marvelous things the federal government might consider doing to address the HIV epidemic. Those of you with a cynical side might…

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2010 Advocates of the Year Announced

I know you’ve all been sitting beside your computers with bated breath for months, wondering who would be named 2010 Advocates of the Year. Well, wait no longer. Here is the esteemed list: Alan Amberg Alan Amberg’s advocacy for people with HIV stretches back more than 20 years. He’s created informational programs for LesBiGay Radio…

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