Some gain, still pain

Today, Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law and Legal Council for Health Justice went to court again as the Illinois’ stop gap budget achieved in the 11th hour only offers partial and temporary relief to healthcare and human services providers and their low-income patients.

But as we return back to court again this morning to enforce Beeks v. Bradley to require payment of health care services in FY17, we ask why consent decrees are now the only avenue available to secure funding for Medicaid-funded health services in Illinois? And why must an array of vital human services that build and sustain healthy communities which not funded by Medicaid get left behind?

We stand with our partners at the Shriver Center and declare:

“When social and economic needs are met, people achieve better health outcomes, and this ultimately saves money. We call on the state’s leaders to pass a fully funded, full-year budget, with adequate revenue to support vital programs immediately after the election in November. It’s time to stop the cuts and start to make smart investments for the future of our state.”

Read the full joint statement on Shriver’s website here