Client Focus: Stacey

little girl

Stacey had already been through so much at such a young age. By the time she entered 1st grade, she had lived through domestic violence and neglect. She went from foster home to foster home, all while dealing with stress from her traumatic upbringing. But things started looking up-- Stacey found a home with a loving family that made her feel safe and loved.

Her new family knew of Stacey's traumatic history and was determined to give her the best childhood possible. Stacey's home life flourished, but her school life was still a challenge. Stacey had a hard time learning and remembering her school lessons. She had trouble expressing her emotions and couldn’t get along with her peers. Stacey's parents thought special education would help her, but the school was blocking Stacey from that right. Stacey's parents wanted to give Stacey a fair chance to excel in the classroom, so that reached out to Legal Council for support.

Stacey’s cries for help were ignored at her school. Her parents couldn’t convince the school staff that she was eligible for special education. A Legal Council children and families attorney stood by Stacey's side. The attorney pushed for cognitive testing for Stacey and the results proved she was eligible for special education services. Stacey’s parents worked with the school to create an I.E.P agreement so Stacey could learn and grow. Alongside Legal Council Stacey's parents made sure Stacey's voice could be heard and she could access the support and services she needed to thrive. We're so excited for the bright future Stacey has ahead of her!