Client Focus: Martin

Martin is a senior living with HIV, liver problems, chronic back pain, and other disabling conditions. After a series of accidents and facing the loss of vital health care and services, Martin worked with Legal Council to gain access to the life-saving medication he desperately needed.

Before a car accident and poor health began to take a toll on his body, Martin worked a steady job in safety maintenance. After the car accident, he was forced to take medical leave from work. Soon after, Martin celebrated his 65th birthday and his insurance was terminated. He received coverage from a program that serviced workers with disabilities, but didn’t know that his insurance plan was only available to individuals under the age of 65. He could no longer afford life-saving medication and care.

Without access to HIV and liver medication, and without regular physical therapy for his back pain, Martin’s health was at risk. At a loss, Martin reached out to Legal Council. Alongside his Legal Council case manager, Martin was connected to a medical provider who would care for him while he remained uninsured. Together, Martin and Legal Council searched for insurance alternatives. Soon enough, Martin enrolled into Medicare and started receiving coverage at a rate he could afford. Because he needed more than twenty different medications, Legal Council also helped Martin access his medications through an Illinois assistance program at a price he could afford. Now, Martin has returned to taking his medication and continuing his physical therapy. He receives the care and services he needs at an affordable rate, and his improved health allowed him to return to working full-time.