Client Focus: Kiara

Kiara and her daughters Jada and Imani experienced a rough few months. A death in the family unexpectedly changed finances, and Kiara fell behind on rent. When her landlord filed for eviction, Kiara was incredibly anxious. She needed a new place to live and was facing an eviction on her record. All the stress put her in the hospital for a week. All the while, Jada and Imani were going to school, Imani prepping for graduation as a senior. Fortunately, because of Jada’s involvement in UIC’s CHECK program because of her asthma, our advocates found out about the family’s legal problems and jumped in to address them. Legal Council got the landlord to dismiss the eviction by working out a payment plan. In addition, once Kiara and the girls moved, legal advocates made sure that the girls still continued to go to the same school. Now, Kiara is calmer, has no eviction on her record, and is getting her family’s finances in order, while Imani is about to graduate high school with the friends she has been with for years.


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