Client Focus: Jackson

Dana is a mother of three children struggling to balance a variety of medical and income problems. She had been seeking consistent medical treatment to ensure that her children were receiving the care they needed. Dana and her family began services through Under the Rainbow, where her children could receive therapy.

Her middle son, Jackson, was struggling in school and began receiving special education services through an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Soon, his pediatrician diagnosed him with ADHD. Dana applied for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and was denied. Upon submitting her second application, Dana was denied again when the Social Security Administration mistakenly considered the family over-income due to a property co-owned by Jackson’s stepfather.

Once Under the Rainbow connected Dana, Jackson, and the rest of the family to Legal Council, Dana received information explaining extreme circumstances when requesting passports for her sons from the State Department. For the family’s issues with Social Security, Legal Council argued against the second denial as jointly-owned property should be excluded from resources listed in applications, as its sale would cause undue hardship to the other co-owner residing in the home. Dana filed a successful reconsideration request, with help from our advocacy. We also helped reverse mistaken medical bills sent to the family. Lastly, Legal Council assisted Jackson in receiving one-on-one therapy at Under the Rainbow. Due to Legal Council advocates, Jackson’s family was able to save hundreds of dollars on medically necessary child therapy and their Social Security case was successfully re-opened for a disability review.