Americans with Disabilities Act

Ring Ring…1986 Called and Wants Its Knee-Jerk Fear Back

A couple weeks ago we got  a call from a guy who was planning to submit an online enrollment form to a paramedic program at a major Chicago university.  But whaddya know, the application included a student health form that asked just about every intrusive health question you can imagine, including whether he has HIV. Wait…

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South Carolina Prisons and Basic HIV Science: Never the Twain Shall Meet

Perhaps you’ve heard that the U.S. Department of Justice is threatening to bring suit against the South Carolina Department of Corrections for its treatment of prisoners with HIV. While the rest of the country (almost) has figured out that HIV-positive prisoners don’t need to to segregated from the general prison population, South Carolina persists (along…

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Client focus: Sheila

We had a little flashback to 1983 this week, when a client called with a story that seemed to come straight from those days of ignorance and intolerance. Sheila works transporting passengers who need assistance, typically the elderly and disabled. When she started the job about six months ago, she hired a good family friend,…

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Hooray for President Bush (No, Really)

Yippy skippy! If you have been keeping up with our lovely little blog, you read last week that Congress passed important amendments to the Americans With Disabilities Act, expanding the protections this law gives to people with disabilities (you can read that post here: Well, we’re happy to report that President Dubya himself signed…

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Hooray for the 110th Congress

Everyone loves to complain that our elected officials don’t care a petootie about the real struggles of everyday people. Well whaddya know, it seems the current Congress cares a whole lot about everyday people with disabilities — including people with HIV. To prove it, they’ve just passed powerful amendments to the Americans With Disabilities Act…

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