Jackson v. Chicago Board of Education Resources:

  • Filed Complaint
  • Beginning the 2020-21 school year, CPS will ensure that all CPS students with disabilities placed by CPS pursuant to the students’ IEP in a non-public school will have access to free breakfast and lunch at no cost to the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s). Read CPS's letter to parents and guardians (available in other languages here).
  • Joint motion for preliminary approval
  • Judge Kim’s order on preliminary approval: Judge Kim has approved the settlement and scheduled a final approval hearing on October 1, 2021 at 11 a.m. in courtroom 1019 at the Dirksen building located at 219 S. Dearborn.
  • CPS has already mailed notices under the Illinois Student School Records Act and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act letting families know that their information will be shared with class counsel and the settlement administrator.
  • Official notices about the lawsuit and the settlement will be issued to class members on July 1, 2021.
  • Families will have until August 30 to update their mailing addresses and/or file an excess claim (for students at Arlyn, Cove, Hyde Park, Keshet, or Learning House).
  • Families will have until September 10 to opt-out or object.
  • Jackson v. CBOE excess claim form, address form, and notice (Includes both English and Spanish versions).

Contact class counsel Julie Brennan at or 872.228.1668.

Contact Chicago Public Schools attorney Susan Best at or 312.796.2961.