Client Focus: Tami

February 19, 2020

Tami, 39, is a Chicago mother who had a difficult life growing up. She lived through both physical and verbal abuse as a child, as well as situations involving domestic violence continuing onto adulthood. Understandably, her experiences caused lasting trauma and helped influence her many mental health conditions including bipolar disorder, PTSD, and anxiety.

Without stable housing, income, or transportation, managing day-to-day life was difficult for Tami and her son.

Due to the severity of her physical condition and mental stability, she was unable to be productive at work and meet performance goals. She was unemployed, homeless, and experiencing intense physical pain. Although Tami made many attempts to get a stable income for her family through Social Security Disability benefits, her applications were always wrongfully denied.

The inability to obtain a steady income often limits the growth potential of individuals like Tami and their families. With nowhere left to turn, Tami found assistance at Legal Council. With the help of her Legal Council advocate, she was finally approved for the social security income she tried so hard to get. The regular income she now receives helps her create stability for her and her son. She also received a permit to make her travel on public transit more affordable.With a regular source of income and new access to transportation, Tami can make her way to doctor appointments and better manage her health.

Tami now has the tools she needs for her family to thrive and reach their full potential.


“Research has shown that trauma impacts brain circuitry, aptitude for learning and retaining information, susceptibility to illness and stress, the risk of substance abuse and misuse, and the capacity to maintain healthy relationships.” Source