Join our Board of Ambassadors on Sunday, February 19, at 8pm for HamBingo! HamBingo is a charity event held @ Hamburger Mary’s (5400 N. Clark Street in Chicago), with February 19 benefiting Legal Council for Health Justice. Just show up that evening for the fun! Hosted by the Bingo-Diva Velicity Metropolis, this is NOT your…

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Stigma and punishment

More bad news out of Missouri. Windy City Times this week recounts the tragic story of Michael Johnson, above, sentenced to 30 years in prison for HIV transmission. Our Executive Director, Tom Yates, weighs in: “There is no scientific basis for laws that criminalize the transmission of HIV. In addition, criminalization actually undermines effective HIV prevention efforts by discouraging HIV…

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The Messiness of HIV Criminal Transmission Laws

Ever since the release of last month’s redundantly titled National HIV/AIDS Strategy for the United States (as opposed to the international strategy for the United States?), we’ve been thinking a lot about one of the report’s recommendations: that states consider repealing their HIV criminal transmission statutes. At least 32 states, including Illinois, have laws which…

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Who Knew the Swedes Were So Mean?

You may have heard about the first-of-its-kind-in-the-world ruling from the Geneva Court of Justice last month. The court was considering the appeal of a 34-year-old immigrant from the Democratic Republic of Congo who had been convicted of having unprotected sex without first disclosing his HIV status. In considering his appeal, the court relied upon the…

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