Coronavirus Resources

This page was last updated on May 20, 2021.

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Education & Youth

    • The CPS Online Reopening Guide is a central location to find all the information and resources needed to complete an online fall semester. This website is regularly monitored and updated by Chicago Public Schools (CPS), which ensures that policies and procedures are up to date. The website links to other important information, including:
      • Information About Learning Hubs - CPS is providing “learning hubs” for families that are in need of childcare during the school day. Families should see the link for more information on eligibility and enrollment.
      • Technology Support - This is the central link for families to visit for all technology needs and questions. This website offers trainings on how to use various platforms and offers live support.
        • CPS General Support Center: 773.553.5437
        • CPS Parent Tech Support Hotline: 773.417.1060
    • The CPS Online Reopening Guide for Special Education is similar to the CPS Online Reopening Guide posted above, but it is specific to the needs of diverse learners. This website is regularly monitored and includes announcements. The website links to other important information, including:
    • If you or a family you are working with has questions or concerns about their child's special education issues during the school closure period, please contact Legal Council or send us a referral.
    • Factsheet: Tips for Protecting Your Child’s IEP Services During COVID-19 (Spanish)


Status of Courts



Economic Impact Payments ("Stimulus Checks")

Income/Unemployment Resources

Paid Leave

Social Security Benefits

        • District Office Activities: Social Security District Offices remain closed and Social Security functions are currently being supported remotely. During the pandemic, SSA closed local SSA offices and stopped working on certain types of cases including:
          • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Redeterminations
          • Limited Issues involving SSI entitlement
          • SSI and Title II Post-eligibility changes
          • Medical CDR Decisions (Cessations)
          • Work CDR Decisions (Cessations)
          • Age 18 Redeterminations
          • Disability Hearing Unit Determinations
          • Certain Insufficient Evidence Determinations
          • Expedited Reinstatement
          • Non-disability hearings
          • Late filing and failure to appear dismissals.
        • SSA local office staff resumed working on these issues on August 31, 2020. It is assumed that many recipients will be charged with overpayments as these workloads are resumed. For regular updates on Social Security, visit and subscribe to the COVID-19 SSA Dashboard. Individuals who miss time limits to appeal unfavorable decisions, to request ongoing benefits in continuing disability reviews (CDRs) or age 18 review cases because of delays related to the pandemic (e.g., delayed mail delivery, etc.) should request good cause to file late. SSA has advised District Office staff to liberally apply good cause rules and accept late appeals and requests for continuing payments.
        • Waiver of Overpayments Created During Pandemic
          • SSA announced that under a new rule that is being issued, the agency may waive recovery of certain overpayment debts accrued between March 1 and September 30, 2020.SSA issued "defer recovery" actions for overpayments stemming from SSA not doing manual actions due to the pandemic. For example, if someone had reported an increase in income in April 2020, their SSI benefits wouldn’t be changed since then because it would have taken a manual step from SSA. That person would now have an SSI overpayment due to SSA’s inaction.On August 31, SSA resumed processing these suspended overpayments. They published a new streamline rule for requesting a waiver of these overpayments. People with an overpayment will receive written notice that includes directions on how to apply for the streamline waiver. To qualify, an overpayment must fit the following criteria:
            • Debt was accrued between March through September 2020
            • Resulted from suspension of manual actions from SSA
            • Can’t be because of fraud of the individual recipient or their misdeeds

            The efficiencies under the rule include:

            • Request for waiver can be done by phone and they don’t have to complete the 632 form for these qualifying months.
            • SSA will presume the individual is not at fault and they won’t seek further proof of individual’s financial status for ability to repay.
            • People will get a written notice of decision once the waiver has been processed like usual.
        • Bureau of Disability Determination Services (BDDS): The Illinois BDDS handles disability determinations at the initial and reconsideration levels. BDDS is continuing to process disability claims, schedule consultative examinations for claimants, and request evidence from claimants’ treatment sources. Call Illinois Department of Disability Determination Services at 800.225.3607 for status of applications pending a disability determination.
        • Offices of Hearing Operations (OHO): Administrative Law Judge hearings are being held by phone. In addition, Social Security is starting to schedule video hearings to be done using the Microsoft Office Teams application. Social Security is focusing on trying to schedule some of its oldest pending hearings cases by video. Social Security plans to post a video hearing user guide on its website in the near future. At this time, both the options for telephone hearings and video hearings are not mandatory; claimants can still opt to wait for an in-person hearing although there is no indication of when Social Security will return to in-person hearings.
        • Funeral benefits through FEMA for COVID-19 related deaths



Food Access

    • All Chicago families with children are able to pick up free meals outside specific CPS schools from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Monday - Friday, throughout the school closure. Families can pick up 3 days' worth of food per child. This resource is available to ALL families with children age 18 or younger and an ID is not required. Click here for a list of CPS meal sites and nutritional/menu information, and visit the CPS Meal Site Locator to find convenient pick-up locations. 





Free mental health resources available to all Chicago residents:

          • Connect to a NAMI Chicago Helpline mental health counselor by calling 311 or directly at 833-626-4244.
          • Connect to Bright Star Community Outreach's trauma counseling helpline at 833-887-6123.
          • Connect to free teletherapy services at Chicago Department of Public Health Mental Health Centers at 312-747-1020.
          • For after-hours support, contact Crisis Text Line which serves anyone, in any type of crisis, 24-hours a day. Text HELLO to 741741 to access a trained crisis counselor.
          • For support specifically related to COVID-19, text TALK to 552020 for English services or HABLAR to 552020 for Spanish services. This service is free, anonymous, and provided 24 hours a day.

Behavioral Health Resources


Housing & Utilities

      • In order to be protected from eviction, tenants MUST submit a certification under penalty of perjury stating that: 
          • They expect to earn no more than $99,000 in 2020 (or $198,000 if filing jointly);  
          • They are unable to make a full rent or housing payment due to a COVID-19 related hardship such as substantial loss of income, loss of hours of work/wages, or an increase in out-of-pocket expenses directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic;  
          • They are using best efforts to make timely partial payments that are as close to the full payment as the individual’s circumstances may permit; AND  
          • Eviction would likely render them homeless/force them to live in close quarters in a shared living setting because they have no other available housing options.  
        • For help understanding if you are protected from eviction, or for help filling out the Illinois Declaration Form, visit to chat with a legal help chat-bot.   
      • There is now an Early Resolution Program (ERP) in Cook County to help with evictions, foreclosures, and unresolved debt issues. This is not limited to cases related to COVID-19, but may be a good resource for tenants. Individuals can speak with a lawyer through ERP and get connected to other resources. This program is available to all residents of Cook County free of charge. You do not need to have a case in court to get help. The ERP includes free legal aid, mediation services, and connections to other resources including rental assistance. Call 855-956-5763 or apply online to get help.  The Illinois eviction moratorium continues to be renewed on a monthly basis, and is currently extended through May 29, 2021, subject to amendment or further extension by the governor. Landlords are currently prohibited from initiating eviction actions against covered persons unless they pose a direct threat to the health and safety of other tenants or an immediate and severe risk to property.    


HIV & Ryan White

      • CDC: What to Know About HIV and COVID-19
      • The IDPH hotline is available Monday through Friday, 9:00am - 4:00pm at 800.825.3518. You can also email
        • The IDPH hotline for HIV/AIDS/STIs is also available at 800.825.3518.
      • A Special Enrollment Period for health insurance has been extended through August 15. Make sure to enroll in new Marketplace health insurance during this period.  You can also update your current Marketplace application to re-calculate your tax credits for premiums. Most people qualify for greater tax credits. 
      • IDPH is still processing assessments for Medication and Premium assistance. Apply or check the status of your application online.
      • IDPH is now accepting viral load results taken within 9 months (instead of 6) and current MAP/PAP assessments are extended until May 31, 2021.
      • Individuals who consented to IDPH mail are now getting renewal notices for MAP/PAP. You can apply 2 months before your renewal date. 
      • Ryan White Part B funds can help with telehealth costs related to status. Talk with your case-manager or AFC.
      • Ryan White funds are also available for help with cell phone costs, in order to connect to medical care. Call AFC at 312-690-8860 to apply. 
      • Financial help for dental bills is available.  Apply for oral care benefit via AFC.
      • For emergency rental and utility bill assistance, help paying medical bills, or if you need a Ryan White case-manager, contact AFC .
        • AFC is continuing to perform all work remotely, but services will not be interrupted. The best ways to access services are either calling 312.690.8860 or emailing
      • HIV Resource Coordination Hub: 844.482.4040