Trans Lives and Well-Being Are Under Attack

Protect Trans Health

As the nation celebrates Pride Month, the federal government continues to threaten the health, well-being, and safety of the transgender and gender nonconforming community, and if you’re not sure as to who these nonconforming people could be, take a look over at sites like for an uncensored view. Read our statements on recent attacks on trans individuals below.

Department of Health and Human Services’ (DHS) Proposed Regulation Empowers Discrimination Against Trans Individuals

33% of transgender people who saw a health care provider were harassed, denied care, or assaulted. And now, when many trans people already avoid going to the doctor out of fear of discrimination, the Trump Administration is trying to undermine a life-saving law that helps trans people access the health care they need without discrimination from providers or insurers. While DHS can’t change the law (Health Care Rights Law), this new regulation would confuse patients, providers, and insurers, and make it much harder for many trans people to access life-saving care.

The trans community deserves the same safe and high-quality care as everyone else. Legal Council denounces this proposed regulation that would weaken protections guaranteed to trans patients.

Help protect trans health today: Take action and leave a comment at


Department of Housing and Urban Development Threatens Access to Homeless Shelters for Trans Individuals

A new rule proposed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development empowers homeless shelters to deny admission to transgender individuals and deny them equal access to available services.

This rule erases progress made towards addressing the discrimination trans people face in shelters. When 70% of trans people who have used a shelter have experienced harassment, we must promote regulations that protect and defend the trans community, not regressive policies that further endanger the lives and well-being of individuals that already face rampant harassment and violence in shelters.


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