Insurance Open Enrollment + Health Care Reform

IMPORTANT: The Affordable Care Act Healthcare Marketplace,, is now open! You may enroll in health insurance or make changes to your current plan. If you were enrolled this year, you will be automatically re-enrolled for 2015; however, there may be other options that are better for you.

ALCC is still evaluating the new plans for 2015 to see which ones coordinate with ADAP/medication and premium assistance programs, so we recommend not enrolling in a new plan until that information has been released next week. Enrollment closes Feb. 15, 2015, but if you wish to have the insurance active on January 1, 2015, the enrollment deadline is December 15th. Call us @ 312-427-8990 to schedule an appointment!

We are here to answer your questions about how open enrollment and health care reform, also known as the Affordable Care Act and “Obamacare,” and how the new law will help you. AIDS Legal Council’s trained, state-certified In-Person Counselors are available to:

  • Give presentations on the ACA  to your agency or group
  • Answer your questions by phone
  • Assist you in reviewing your options
    • With particular focus on HIV related issues such as medication access
  • Help you apply for new Adult ACA Medicaid or
  • Help you enroll in new insurance through the Federal Marketplace
    • will help you figure out what subsidies and cost sharing measures you are eligible for
    • If applicable, which plans are coordinating with Part B Prescription Help (ADAP/CHIC)

Our In-Person Counselors are available to assist any person, regardless of HIV statusTo speak with one of them or to schedule an appointment, please call 312-427-8990.  ALCC understands that health care can be tricky for anyone, but it can be especially challenging for those impacted by HIV.  So if you have any question, just call us.  We are here to help you.

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