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Start spreading the news

Have you heard? “Hamilton” is coming to Chicago, and thanks to our kind partners at Broadway in Chicago, you get a twofer — you can support our cause and be the first to see this smash Broadway blockbuster musical! Visit … before they’re all gone. For sponsorship opportunities, call Kevin Mork at (312) 605-1976. Sponsors and ticket holders…

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At the table

Let’s say you are one of the nation’s third largest public school districts, with its fourth appointed CEO in three years. You are working in the shadow of your last CEO, who left the district in disgrace after it was discovered that she directed millions of no-bid dollars to a former employer, against a ticking time bomb of a $500 million shortfall for the current school year. Your chief in charge of special education recently resigned, and you need to replace her.

What do you do, Chicago Public Schools?

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Double the justice

This month, not one but two of the Legal Council’s former PILIs were appointed to the Public Interest Law Initiative Board as their 2015 Intern and Fellow Alumni Representatives, respectively.

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Honor society

MCOs like us, they really, really like us! The Illinois Association of Medicaid Health Plans, a statewide membership organization of health plans that participate in Medicaid managed care (MCOs) in Illinois, is bestowing its 2015 Advocacy Leadership award today to three attorneys including our executive director Tom Yates in recognition of successful litigation that has to date, restored more than half a billion Medicaid-reimbursable dollars to hospitals, clinics, and providers caring for over 3.1 million adults and children statewide.

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Might as well be the 1980s

For all the talk about and medical advances in HIV treatment, and even a vaccine which could flush out the virus and allow the body’s immune system to destroy infected cells, the fact of the matter is, that if you are poor and a minority, it might as well still be the eighties.

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One giant step for early intervention

Our child health advocacy director Amy Zimmerman finds hope for Early Intervention in a notice from Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger in this information-rich TV news segment by WGN’s Cortney Hall.

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Springfield standstill

The news is grim. Large and small businesses throughout Illinois which provide Medicaid-funded health services, face financial ruin as the state still fails to make Medicaid payments. 3.1 million adults and children enrolled into Medicaid will have nowhere to turn for their illnesses and disabling conditions.

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New name, same heart

Historically, AIDS Legal Council of Chicago has been the only agency in Illinois devoted exclusively to serving the legal needs of men, women, and children with HIV. Council staff and volunteers serve clients and community through individual advice and representation; training and outreach to clients and service providers; individual and impact litigation; and administrative and…

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Looking back, growing forward

The Council has grown by leaps and bounds in the last year. To reflect these changes, we are changing our name. But never fear, our three strong programs—AIDS Legal Council, the Homeless Outreach Project and the Chicago Medical-Legal Partnership for Children—will each keep their names and continue to grow their groundbreaking education, client service, and policy work—just under the ‘umbrella’ of a new agencywide name.

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Fixing holes in the safety net

Thanks to our legal actions with the Shriver Center and pro bono support from Goldberg Kohn, hospitals and health centers are once again getting reimbursed for the vital Medicaid-funded health services they offer to 3.1 million low-income children and adults throughout the state. And today, the Governor and General Assembly came to terms and approved…

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