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Staff Spotlight: Julie Brennan

Staff Spotlight is a blog series featuring a member of Legal Council’s expert and ever-growing team. Today’s Spotlight features Julie Brennan, a new supervisory attorney for our children and family partnerships program.  What brought you to Legal Council? I have worked in legal aid for over 14 years, with all the restrictions of a legal…

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Client Focus: Alexis

At the age of 10, Alexis had been held back in school twice. Alexis couldn’t recite her ABC’s. In math class, she couldn’t distinguish addition and subtraction symbols. Her mother tried day after day to get an evaluation and extra tutoring for her daughter, but the teachers insisted Alexis was fine, even though her grades…

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Illinois Kids Deserve Care: Big Win for In-Home Nursing Services

After years of settlement discussion, Legal Council settled the MA v. Bellock class-action lawsuit with the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) in January. The judge ruled in favor of more than 1,300 medically complex children who need in-home nursing. This legal battle for Illinois children started after HFS hired a third party…

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Staff Spotlight: Taylor Belew

Staff Spotlight is a blog series featuring a member of Legal Council’s expert and ever-growing team. Today’s Spotlight features Taylor Belew, a new staff attorney working with Legal Council’s partnership with ACCESS.  What brought you to Legal Council? I recently relocated from San Francisco to Chicago, and immediately started looking at getting involved in the…

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Trump Administration Pledges to End HIV Transmission

As his second State of the Union, President Trump announced a commitment to ending the transmission of HIV in the U.S. by 2030. Many are surprised by this announcement, given his administration’s track record on addressing the HIV epidemic. Last year he fired the remaining members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. The Trump…

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What You Need to Know About Tax Season

As tax season approaches this week, we want to ensure our readers are well informed about the process. Despite uncertainty of the recent government shutdown and temporary extension, the Illinois Department of Revenue will still start accepting 2018 state individual income tax returns January 28. The Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S) will be accepting federal individual…

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Staff Spotlight: Stephanie Salgado

Legal Council just keeps growing! Over the last couple of months, we have welcomed over 10 new employees in our legal programs, development team, and administrative team. Legal Council has many exciting projects coming up, so we’re taking the time to highlight the projects and our new team members in our new blog series “Staff…

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Federal Court Rules Against the Affordable Care Act

Last week, in the case of Texas v. United States, a rogue Judge ignored U.S. Supreme Court precedent and reasoning to find that the Affordable Care Act (A.C.A) is unconstitutional. This decision threatens healthcare access, quality of coverage, and financial protections that the A.C.A guarantees Americans.. As just one example of the importance of the A.C.A, today…

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Early Intervention Pilot Study for Lead-Exposed Kids

Last week, Huffington Post featured Legal Council’s first-of-its-kind Early Intervention (E.I) pilot for infants and toddlers. The pilot provides lead-exposed kids with the support they need to overcome potential learning disabilities and developmental delays before they go to school. As of right now there are only 18 states that offer automatic eligibility for E.I to lead-exposed kids “despite…

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Illinois Alliance for Welcoming Health Care

Over the last two years, immigrants have faced threats of deportation and family separation, forcing parents to choose between accessing life-saving care and services for their families and keeping their families together. These policy’s have caused significant damage to community well-being. The  increase of fear has led to the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee…

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