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AIDS Legal Council of Chicago advocates for fair treatment for persons with HIV, voluntary and informed HIV testing, and expanded access to programs that enable clients to meet their health and living needs. ALCC works with its broad range of community partners to educate policymakers about the rights of people with HIV. We also press for changes that will facilitate access to vital care and services that people impacted by HIV need. ALCC also litigates cases and files “friend of the court” briefs on issues impacting people with HIV and their service providers.

ALCC is a highly-regarded legal aid organization that has many achievements of which to be proud. While we are usually quite a humble group of legal advocates, here are a handful of highlights:

  • ALCC successfully fought for and has actively participated in the expansion of the Medicaid program for seniors and persons with disabilities. Thanks to the Council’s efforts, Medicaid is now available to 100,000 additional Illinois residents who live at or below the poverty level, including thousands of individuals with HIV.
  • The Council has successfully protected the right of Illinois residents to voluntary HIV testing with pre-test prevention counseling and informed consent.
  • ALCC has protected the confidentiality rights of persons with HIV by working to increase penalties for unauthorized disclosures of their HIV status.
  • The Council successfully advocated for an AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) re-certification process that will allow the nearly 10,000 individuals on ADAP to have easier access to their medications.
  • ALCC fought for and achieved the repeal of state’s quarter century-old, discriminatory HIV principal notification law.

For more information about what the law says in Illinois about HIV and your rights, click here.