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Stupidity Never Pays

Wrap your brain around this one. A pharmaceutical home delivery company dropped off our client Maria’s medications at a neighbor’s house — and right there visible on the packaging were the dreaded letters “HIV.”

Maria wasn’t home when the medications were delivered. She is very protective of her confidentiality, and she had asked the delivery company not to leave the medications with neighbors. Nonetheless, the delivery company did just that. The medications were in a clear plastic bag, and visible inside the bag was a sheet printed “RN Copy of Physician’s Orders.” That sheet listed “HIV” and “severe neutropenia.”

Worse still, Maria had contacted the delivery company several weeks earlier, because she did not like the fact that the paperwork included with her medications revealed her HIV status in a way that anyone could see. She explained her concern to at least three different people at the company, all of whom reassured her it wouldn’t happen again.

We contacted the attorney for the pharmaceutical delivery company, and after some firm talk we reached a settlement which made Maria quite happy.

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