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Public Benefits

AIDS Legal Council helps many clients obtain Social Security, food stamps, ADAP, Medicaid, and other benefits. These examples are some of the cases we have seen. If you have questions about benefits or are having difficulty obtaining them, take a look at our legal booklet and then give us a call. We’ve also listed a number of resources below that may help. Please call us at 312-427-8990 with any questions you have.

The examples below are typical of the cases we have seen.

  • Sylvester has AIDS and is often so ill that he cannot leave his home. He has pneumonia, recurrent diarrhea, depression, high blood pressure, and often has night sweats. His application for disability benefits was rejected a second time. Social Security decided he was in good enough health to continue working and supporting himself.
  • Sharon, an HIV-positive mother of four, has cared for her young children by herself, but her illness is now so advanced that she is no longer capable of working. She applied for disability benefits and got rejected. Her Medicaid application was also denied.
  • Harold is getting his prescription drugs through the AIDS Drug Assistance Program. When he became eligible for Medicare he was told he had to choose a Medicare Prescription Drug Program for his HIV drugs. He can’t figure out which plan is right for him or how he can afford the co-pays.

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