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Health care reform has made it easier for people with HIV to get health insurance,  but the decisions people have to make can be overwhelming, and the costs of making the wrong one can leave people without access to the care they need.  AIDS Legal Council has staff to help people enroll in the new insurance markets and the expertise to know how the plans intersect with the current network of Ryan White HIV care.  If you have questions about health insurance, whether it’s an individual or employer policy, and whether it’s life insurance of health insurance, call AIDS Legal Council at 312-427-8990 for assistance. 

The examples below are typical of the cases we have seen.

  • Chai’s boss is shopping for new health insurance for his company, so all the employees have to fill out health questionnaires. The questionnaire specifically asks about HIV. Chai is worried that if he admits he has HIV, he’ll be denied the new health insurance. Also, he has to turn in the questionnaire to human resources, and he doesn’t want his boss to know he has HIV.
  • Joseph works from home doing website design.  He wants to buy health insurance but when he goes on-line to the health insurance marketplace he sees that most of the plans have deductibles of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  He needs his HIV medication every month, but doesn’t make enough to pay for even the first month of medications on his own to satisfy the deductible.
  • Lee gets his insurance through work.  His employer just started a wellness program that will save him $50 a month on Lee’s share of the insurance premium if he participates.  Lee needs the money, but is worried that participating in the wellness program will let his employer learn his HIV status.
  • Mary wants to get some life insurance, but every life insurance company she’s called said she can’t have a policy because she has HIV. She wonders if there is any way she can get even a small life insurance policy.

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