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As the brief examples below show, people with HIV are productive members of the workforce. Many others who were disabled now find that they are well enough to go back to work, and want to do so. Over the years, federal laws have been passed that give protections and options to people with serious medical issues. Use them to your advantage. Read our legal guides, research the web sites listed below, and call AIDS Legal Council with any specific questions you have at 312-427-8990.

The examples below are typical of the cases we have seen.

  • Carmen has been working at the same office for many years and likes her job, but lately her medications are making her sleepy at times during the day. She would like to talk to her boss about being allowed to rest in the afternoon, or arranging more flexible hours, but she’s worried about revealing her HIV status.
  • Jose needs to see his doctor once a month, and he can only get appointments on weekdays. He needs to take time off from work for these appointments, but his boss says he’s not entitled to any more sick time.
  • Carolyn is getting a job doing housecleaning for elderly people. She wonders if she has to disclose her HIV status to the people she cares for.

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