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Debt Collection

People dealing with HIV and its health consequences can be overwhelmed with medical bills and other expenses when they are not working. If any of the examples below sound like your situation, spend some time learning about some of the laws and guidelines that can help you recover from the financial burden. Please call AIDS Legal Council at 312-427-8990 for answers to your questions.

The examples below are typical of the cases we have seen.

  • Shawn had to stop working because his health got bad. Now that he’s on Social Security, he can’t meet the minimum payments on his credit cards. He’s getting calls every day from collection agencies wanting to know when he’s going to send them some money.
  • Rico is undocumented and works as a dishwasher in a restaurant, so he doesn’t have health insurance. He had to go to Stroger Hospital two years ago when he came down with pneumonia. Now he’s getting letters from a law firm saying he owes Stroger Hospital $23,000 for his hospital stay.
  • Terrance had to reduce his work to part-time because he’s having a lot of fatigue. Because his income is now a lot less, he can’t make the monthly payments on his student loans, and he wonders if he can get the loans discharged for health reasons.

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