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Our New Hero

So we’re all swooning over our new legal idol, attorney Seth M. Lloyd, with the law firm Dykema Gossett PLLC. He took on one heck of a confused, complicated, messy insurance case for a client with end-stage cancer and fixed everything — in about a week. And he did all the work for free!

Back in April, our client Luis received his regular payment coupon from his health insurance company. It was a rather confusing document, listing “total due” and a “past due” amount, with no indication whether the past due amount was included in the total due amount. The statement also showed a “due date” of May 1 and a “grace date” of June 1, with no indication of which amounts were due when. Did the grace period apply only to the amount currently due? Did it also apply to the past due amount? Luis assumed that all of the payments listed on the statement were subject to the grace period: a reasonable assumption. He was wrong. So even though Luis got the entire amount in to the insurance company by June 1, the part that was not subject to the grace period (whatever part that might have been) was considered late, and his insurance was cancelled.

Mind you, Luis is in the final stages of cancer. He needs insurance coverage primarily to pay for his hospice care, so that his final few months might be tolerable.

Seth Lloyd agreed to appeal the termination of Luis’s coverage. Just a few days after getting the case from us, he sent off an exquisitely clear, concise, passionate three-page appeal letter to Luis’s insurance company, complete with numerous exhibits. It’s rather astonishing that he managed to make compelling sense out of such confusing facts. More importantly, his appeal worked. Poof. Just like that, the insurance company was picking up the bills for Luis’s hospice care again. Wow.

Oh, and did I mention that Mr. Lloyd worked exactly the same kind of magic for Luis last year, when his insurance was cancelled the first time?

So everyone at ALCC has joined the official Seth M. Lloyd fan club. We even put posters of him all over the office. We encourage you to start a chapter of the fan club in your town.

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