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First do no harm

impasseLast week’s budget address from Gov. Rauner would have people think the whole Springfield stalemate is about nothing less than the future of Illinois.

Meanwhile, the most vulnerable Illinoisans —  children in low-income households, senior citizens, the disabled, victims of trauma and abuse — are being denied life-saving interventions that help them stay on the path to dignity, well-being, and self-sufficiency.

Not only does the Governor’s “let them eat cake”-toned spin abdicate the elected responsibility of governing a state which has the fifth largest GDP in the nation, the “budget” that the state’s new highly-compensated team finally presented last week doesn’t balance. Expenses are $3.5B over revenues.

Pity that the oath Gov. Rauner took when assuming office is nothing like the oath that our medical-legal partners take when becoming physicians.

Politician, balance thyself.