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Confidentiality and Testing

In Illinois, a person’s HIV status must be kept confidential. At AIDS Legal Council, we frequently hear from people with concerns about being tested or about protecting their confidentiality. If any of these examples sound familiar, you should have a look at our legal guides and the resources listed below. Or call us for assistance at 312-427-8990.

The examples below are typical of the cases we have seen.

  • Steve broke up with his boyfriend. Now his ex-boyfriend is telling everyone that Steve has HIV. Is there anything Steven can do to stop him?
  • A friend was visiting Nicki in the hospital when a staff person walked in and asked, “Has your HIV doctor been in to see you yet?” Nicki’s friend didn’t know she had HIV.
  • A case manager told Frank that he has to disclose his HIV status to anyone he ever has sex with, even if he uses a condom. Is this true?

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