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Speech, speech

  On May 5, 2016, our esteemed colleague Justin Hayford, who has been working at the Council for 25 years, was presented with the Liberty Bell award by the Young Lawyers Section (YLS) of the Chicago Bar Association as part of its annual Law Week celebration. It is the highest honor that the CBA bestows on a non-lawyer. Justin recently penned the best letter we’ve ever read to encourage participation in a 25-for-25 campaign to sustain what has been his life’s work and pay tribute to his years of service. Justin also gave this powerful speech at the Liberty Bell reception. We share it with you to give you hope, context, and inspiration. Congratulations Justin. It is an honor to work with you! Let me describe to you the first image produced in western culture of the syphilitic.  I realize this is not the...

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Justin’s 25 for 25

June 1, 2016 Dear Friends, Family, and Colleagues: In my first week at AIDS Legal Council, almost exactly 25 years ago, I took two calls back to back.  First, a successful LaSalle Street banker told me that after his landlord found out he had HIV, the locks on his apartment were changed, his possessions thrown in the alley, his car tires slashed.  Reeling from that conversation, I took a second call.  A man needed a simple will to ensure his meager possessions would go to his niece, the only family member who still spoke to him after he was diagnosed with HIV.  This second case seemed comparatively easy, until he handed the phone to his nurse – it turned out the man was hospitalized – who explained in hushed tones that her patient wouldn’t last the night. Within minutes...

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Red ribbon cash money

Born ready for his closeup, our very own case-manager-paralegal extraordinaire, Justin Hayford, is featured in this year’s promotional video for the Red Ribbon Cash game, which raises funds for nonprofits serving people and families facing barriers due to HIV-AIDS. “By purchasing the Red Ribbon Cash game, Lottery players are providing valuable services that benefit thousands of people in our state living with HIV-AIDS,” says Acting Illinois Lottery Director B.R. Lane. “AIDS awareness, treatment and prevention are bolstered every time an adult buys a Red Ribbon Cash ticket in Illinois. The end result: we are able to make a real difference in in the lives of thousands of people who suffer from this terrible disease.” “We are fortunate that our partners in the Governor’s Office and Lottery continue to cohost this event and sell this special ticket every year,” said Illinois...

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